Sumter Cemetery

Sumter, South Carolina


Sumter Cemetery is a Non-Profit, Perpetual Care family cemetery. In other words, we are a “non-business” even though the grounds, facilities and records are maintained as well as any business. The Cemetery financially supports itself with earnings, proceeds, the Perpetual Care program, while greatly depending on the generosity of our Patrons and Community. We do not have shareholders or investors to support, allowing this Non-Profit entity to dedicate its resources to advocate and facilitate our charge of maintaining this Historic landmark and the beloved remains in our care.

There are two sections in the cemetery, the Bronze Section and the Monumental Section. They are named for the type of memorial markers used in these areas. The Bronze Section contains only the flat lawn type marker. In the monumental section there are remarkable and impressive mausoleums forged from granite and marble for some of Sumter’s loved ones, some dating back as far as the 1830's.

There are also sites within the cemetery that are set aside for special purposes or needs. Such as the monument erected to honor both Confederate and Union soldiers that were fatalities of the Battle of Dingle's Mill, on April 8, 1865. The American Legion has adopted a plot for "veterans of foreign wars" who had no family plot in which to be buried. We also have a special section known as "Babyland" for infants of families who do not have a family plot.

The Sumter Cemetery Office is located on the cemetery grounds for your convenience.  Please feel free to visit the cemetery and stop by the office if you have any questions that we can help you with. The cemetery is open for visitation 7 days a week, the office hours are 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday-Friday.