Sumter Cemetery

Sumter, South Carolina


The Sumter Historic Cemetery is a non-profit Perpetual Care cemetery. Its first documented burial was in 1831 and the Sumter Cemetery Association was formally established in 1857. The cemetery supports itself and provides for perpetual care thru lot sales, openings and closing of graves, monument placements and donations. A percentage of these earnings goes into a perpetual care fund for future maintenance and the balance is used to operate the cemetery currently. The cemetery does not have shareholders or investors to support so all resources are dedicated to the care and maintenance of the historic cemetery and the beloved remains residing within.

The cemetery is divided into 10 sections, named because of historical significance or for the types of trees scattered across the property. Most of the cemetery is set aside to accommodate monument type grave markers but there is also a section designated for flat ‘bronze’ markers. Throughout the cemetery there are also impressive mausoleums, some dating back to the mid 1800’s. Monuments of sandstone, marble, granite, stone and bronze commemorate those resting on these hallowed grounds.

There are also areas within the cemetery that are set aside for special purpose or need. The Confederate Memorial Area includes Confederate fatalities from the Battle of Dingle’s Mill of April 8, 1865. 2 areas designated as Baby Land are for infants only and include infants’ families who did not have a family plot. A site has been designated for a future Veterans Memorial. A monument is located on the cemetery in memory of a Revolutionary War veteran, who is buried elsewhere.

The Cemetery is the final resting place of over 2000 veterans, from wars going back to the Civil War and up to and inclusive of the Iraq war. 3 of the 15 South Carolina Confederate Medal of Honor recipients are buried here, along with the veteran who fired the first shot of the Civil War. There are also dozens of famous Sumterites buried at the cemetery, including politicians, educators, physicians, athletes, military, business, philanthropists and criminals/victims

In excess of 13000 are interred within the grounds of this cemetery…resting among the Camellias, Dogwoods, Magnolias and Azaleas. Family and friends are always welcome. to visit.