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The Sumter Historic Cemetery staff can assist you in finding loved ones that are interred at the cemetery. Please contact the manager at 803- 968-1580 so he can arrange for someone to meet you. If you are planning on visiting on weekends or holidays, please contact the manager during the week and he can provide you information ahead of your visit to help you navigate around the property. The cemetery is divided into sections with the roads being numbered, and this will assist with your finding your loved ones. There is a large map located adjacent to the cemetery office.

Sumter Cemetery Association/Sumter Cemetery Current Price List, as of January 16, 2023

Space Sales:

 $1250.00 per space unirrigated in all areas except Hilltop section.
 $1500.00 per space unirrigated in the Hilltop section
 $1300.00 per space irrigated in all areas except Hilltop section
 $1550.00 per space irrigated in the Hilltop section

Opening and Closing Fees:

  Burial; Monument and Flat Sections:

   $1500.00 normal weekdays
   $1600.00 weekends and holidays

 Cremations; Monument and Flat Sections:

   $400.00 normal weekdays
   $450.00 weekends and holidays

 Mausoleum & Crypts:

   $500.00 normal weekdays
   $550.00 weekends and holidays

Monument, Coping and Crypt/Mausoleum Installation Permit Fees:

 Coping: $4.00 per liner foot
 Mausoleum and Crypts: $450 per space
 Memorial Monuments and Markers: $0.50 per sq inch (each item)

Misc. Charges:

 Property transfer and deed re-issue: $50.00



Updated August 31, 2023

The Sumter Cemetery Association and Cemetery Management understands the importance of floral memorialization of your loved ones. It is essential, however, that guidelines be established and maintained to regulate placement. The following guidelines and rules are established, approved, and enforced to preserve the natural beauty and historic significance of the cemetery and to facilitate proper and safe lawn and perpetual care. We thank you for your understanding and compliance.

No digging or planting allowed. This includes live flowers, shrubs, and trees.

Sod may be planted on new plots with required preparation. Cemetery is not responsible for watering newly planted sod.

Fencing of any kind is not allowed. Coping is allowed in certain areas with approval.

Flowers (artificial or real) must be in a solid stone or bronze vase located at the headstone. Glass, ceramic, metal cans and wooden boxes are not allowed. Monument saddles and metal rebar potholders are allowed. Wreath easels are allowed for limited periods of time and during funeral and holiday wreaths. Plants may not be stuck in the ground.

A maximum of 1 memorialization item is allowed per space in addition to flowers. These items can not be breakable and can’t exceed the height of the corresponding tombstone. Small statues and small garden flags are allowed but must meet the height requirement. Balloons, bird feeders, solar lights, steppingstones, mailboxes, stuffed animals are not allowed.

Immediately after a funeral, there is no limit to floral arrangements and wreaths placed on a grave. All but one should and will be removed after 2 weeks.

Flagging of gravesites for military holidays is permitted and is often done by Volunteer groups. Flags will be removed at discretion of cemetery management (typically when they become old and faded). Holiday decorations for major holidays are allowed. They may be placed up to 10 days ahead of the holiday but must be and will be removed 2 weeks after that holiday.

Maintenance of painted concrete and metal benches and statues is the responsibility of the owner. Cemetery staff may remove any of these items that are not being maintained. Bench placements require cemetery management approval.

Any and all flowers and decorations can be removed by cemetery staff and management if they become faded, broken, scattered, unsightly or no longer applicable (holiday decorations). Excessive and unauthorized decorations can impede ground maintenance and mowing and can create hazards for the ground crews during these activities.

Do not leave or place items of value on graves. Cemetery is not responsible for theft.

Please see cemetery management regarding guidelines and regulations for coping, gravel placement and monument/marker guidelines.

Starting in 2024, groups and organizations that conduct cemetery wide flagging or memorial placements (wreaths, etc.) will be required to provide people to retrieve These flags or memorials within 5 weeks of placement. Cemetery staff is not sized to collect these items in a timely fashion and organizational support in this will ensure that they are collected before they start to come apart. We thank you for your support on this policy.

If you have any questions regarding these policies, please contact the cemetery manager or a board member. Please be aware that these rules are developed by, reviewed by and approved by the Sumter Cemetery Association Board of Directors and cannot be changed except by that process.


Cemetery Management and Cemetery Association Board of Directors


Office Hours:

Due to small staff, office may be open only intermittently. Please call 803-968-1580 during normal business hours (8 am to 5pm Monday -Friday) to arrange for someone to meet you at the office.

Cemetary Hours:

The cemetery grounds are open for visitation from dawn to dusk 7 days a week, including holidays,